Vessel examines the 5+ million shipping containers currently transporting goods all over the world by way of water. It educates and offers a point of view through design, photography of the Port of Los Angeles, and illustrations that I did for the piece. The book is hand bound with fishing line.

Inspired by the work Forgotten Space by Alan Sekula.

A special thank you to Rebeca Méndez.
Introduction: By nature, a vessel contains, conceals, and sometimes transports. Be it an ancient Tonto Basi vase with its slender neck and robust base or the sinuous network of our own blood vessels. Or perhaps even the stacks of vessel elements in plants, used to transport water to various parts of a cactus. The content of these vessels remains concealed unless severed or broken.

Perhaps the least concealed vessel is the vessel associated with the sea. Among the most infamous are the magestic vessels that explorers such as Magellan took to sea. However, they have long since been replaced by vessels that ‘resemble floating warehouses,’ a grave narrator notes in Alan Sekula & Noël Burch’s film, The Forgotten Space...

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