Serasol (2022-present) is an ongoing series of non-representational cyanotype prints. The process involves coating paper with a chemical solution of ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide, placing subjects directly on the paper, and exposing both the subject and paper to UV light.

Since its conception in 1842, cyanotypes have been used in numerous ways. Perhaps best known for its ability to capture elements of the botanical world, such as plants and flowers. Anna Atkins used the technique in her seminal book, Photographs of British Algae which is arguably the first book of photographs ever made.

By moving away from its original function, these prints become non-representational. Without a direct association of meaning, they become free of their weighty counterparts and evoke light, movement, biology, microcosms… ☀︎

Medium: Paper
Process: Cyanotype
Dimensions: Various
Publication:: 2022–present

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