Kalos Eidos

Kalos Eidos (2014) is a video work created using a 3-d model of a kaleidoscope built in Maya, a 3D modeling and animation software. Using reflective materials to coat the inside of the kaleidoscope, I used the kaleidoscope as a lens through which to view a short film taken of cosmos flowers blowing in the wind.

One summer, I discovered a pair of kaleidoscopes deep in a drawer at my grandparent's house. As you turned the device in your hand and peeked through the opening, small colored beads tumbled in and out of place, revealing an endless array of patterns.

I love the idea of an alternate way to look at the world, specifically one that distorts one's visual perception of something and evolves it, changing understanding. ☀︎

Medium: 3-d model, video, sound
Video length: 1m
Video ratio: 16:9
Publication: 2014

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