Dérive (2023) is a limited edition self-published photo zine exploring the theme of “La Dérive.”

La Dérive is a concept coined by The Situationists, an artistic and political movement that emerged in the late 1950s, known for their critique of consumer society and the development of revolutionary theory and practice.

The zine features documentary style analog photographs taken during my residency at Paradise Air in Matsudo, Japan. The city lies at the edge of Tokyo along the Edo river. Matsudo was originally a small farming village but developed into a modern city during the Edo period, and experienced rapid growth in the post-World War II period.

The zine is printed on Japanese paper, the cover is cotton 260g and the body pages are 100g. The zine is bound with white thread. ☀︎

Number of pages: 36 pages
Number of images: 31 images
Number of words: 433 words
Languages: English & Japanese
Dimensions: A5
Publication date: 2023
Total number of copies: 30
©2024 Elisa Michelet