Clement Street

Clement Street (2023) is an 8.7 meter long accordion book featuring digital photographs of Clement St., a 3 mile-long street in the Inner & Outer Richmond district of San Francisco, California, USA. The book is dedicated to the section between Arguello Boulevard and Park Presidio Boulevard that played an essential part in my life as a child and an adult.

The form and concept of the book was directly taken from two existing works, making this one their distant relative in form and style.

The first, Ginza Kaiwai (銀座界隈) by Sōhachi Kimura (木村荘八) and Yoshikazu Suzuki (鈴木芳). Published in 1954, Kimura and Suzuki created a beautiful set of books documenting the architecture and history of the Ginza district in Tokyo.

The second, Every Building on the Sunset Strip by Edward Ruscha. Published in 1966, the book portrayed a 1.5 mile section of the infamous stretch of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.

Number of pages: 56 pages
Number of images: 134 images
Number of words: 767 words
Languages: English
Dimensions: 8.7 meters unfolded. 31.5cm x 200cm folded.
Total number of copies: 2
Publication date: 2023

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