A collection of analog photographs taken in France over the past two years. After spending many summers in France with my grandparents as a child, I now call this hexagonal country home. From the north in Picardie to the south near Marseille, this assortment of photos is an attempt to capture this land.

It has been a tumultuous couple of years that began celebrating the World Cup win in the streets of Montmartre in 2018. Shortly after the revolutionary marches of Les Gilets Jaunes began taking place every Saturday for over a year with protests happening to this day. With 11 deaths and approximately 4,450 injuries, including lost limbs and sight due to police violence, it was an uprising not to be taken lightly. Followed by pension related strikes that only added heat to the fire of an already tense situation.

And yet, today in the wake of the first wave of Covid19, summer has arrived and always seems to appease. It’s a time to be with family and to take pause and reflect. The time to regroup and come back for Fall ready to work, revolt, what have you? If you’re lucky, it’s the time to revel in the sculpted countryside, take in the heat along the Seine or the Canal in Paris, and if you’re très lucky, escape to the beach or mountains. ☀︎

July 2018 — July 2020

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