Yuba is an online non-profit sustainable guide to Paris and, soon, beyond. ๐ŸŒ๏ธ

The project was spearheaded by myself and a small team. The name is taken from a very special river from my childhood in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in California. It's meant to inspire the protection of nature & biodiversity.

While creating the brand identity and Art Directing the website, I was constantly thinking about how to make sustainability cool through design. Fusing a vibrant color palette and friendly yet informative typography, weโ€™ve created a brand and guide that we hope will inspire folks to lead more sustainable lifestyles starting with their wallet, supporting small businesses and local agriculture.

To see all the branding in action, check out Yuba and follow along here: @yuba.world.

Founder + Art Director: Elisa Michelet
Developer: Vaidas Lamanauskas
UI Designer: Alessio Tecleme
Writer: Marion Chaix

Additional support from: Camila Benatar, Rebecca Sansotta, and Clara Gerault.

Past team members: Ony Raza, Claire Lissajoux, Sara Duret, Julie Kaci, et Manon Riazuelo.

ยฉ 2022 Elisa Michelet