HBO: The Defiant Ones

For the launch of their new documentary “The Defiant Ones,” HBO teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to launch an exclusive collaboration for the release with NYC-based artist Ross Riddle. The collab was revealed through 3 custom designed windows at their Midtown store in NYC.

As part of the design team I was tapped to help sketch out and design the retail window experience design that would showcase the collaboration. I was also in charge of the motion design and overseeing the installation on site with our vendor partner.

The result was music, visualized in three parts. The first window featured synchronized spinning records that spelled out the show name once per cycle. The second window was large dimensional type that featured the artists featured in the documentary. The final window was a collage created and remixed using album covers, with motion graphics that helped bring the background to life.

Creative Director: MB
Art Director: Margie Hunt
Designer: Elisa Michelet
Studio: Outcast

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