Elisa Michelet is a French Californian artist based in Tokyo.

With a background in design, her work explores how digital or natural processes interact, play with or break form. She is also interested in the relationship between humans and technology. 

An avid film photographer, she enjoys documenting places. Having grown up in the Northern Sierra Nevadas in California, her infatuation with the natural environment is present in her work as is her fascination for human-built environments.

She has a B.A. in Design Media Arts and a minor in Film & Television from UCLA. She speaks English & French fluently and is currently learning Japanese.  

Out of Office

Volume 3 & 4
November 2023

Koji Magazine
Interview + ink drawing

June 2023

Paradise Air
Artist Residency
Matsudo, Japan
November 2022

Group Exhibition

EDA, Los Angeles
June 2015

Group Exhibition & Co-curator

New Wight Gallery,
Los Angeles
January 2015
For print inquiries or commissions, please get in touch via email: elisa.e.michelet@gmail.com

Portrait by Hajime Kato.

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