Yobun (余分)

Yobun (余分) (2023) is a project that came about after having purchased some fabric scraps at a shop in Tokyo. Wanting to repurpose them, I created a series of textile collages on blank Japanese postcards found in a second-hand shop. This project is a continued exploration of instinctual whims that take many divergent paths. 

In Japan, the practice of using an object to its full extent is embedded in traditions such as the art of kintsugi.
Perhaps lesser-known is sashiko, a form of functional embroidery which originated during the Edo period (17th to 19th centuries). The techinque was used by farmers and fishermen to reinforce and repair clothing and textiles, making them more durable.

Sashiko, translates to "little stabs", reflecting the method of creating running stitches that resemble a series of small dashes. Over time, sashiko evolved from a practical necessity into an art form known for its intricate and beautiful geometric patterns.

Here, 余分 (Yobun), meaning excess, gives a second life to beautiful fabric scraps via decorative textural prints. ☀︎

Medium: Paper, silk, cotton, sokui
Process: Collage
Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm
Publication: 2023

©2024 Elisa Michelet